Operations/Engineering FAQ

When there is an outage, why does the serviceman leave the location of the outage when the power is still out?  

This is because he is tracing out the problem which may be miles down the road. Crews may need to be sent to restore the affected outage and it may take a little longer to resolve. If there is any concern that your outage was missed, call our office 757.787.9750 as soon as possible to ensure that we still have you on the list.


Account FAQ

How can I add another person to my account so he or she can be given information?

Please call the Billing Department at 757-787-9750 option 2 to complete your request. 


How can I set up my account(s) on Auto Pay?

You can set up Auto Pay in one of two ways- on our website www.anec.com or by calling our automated payment line at 1-855-386-9921.