XIV. Load Management

XIV. Load Management

A. Voluntary Program

The program is voluntary and consists primarily of the control of electric water heaters. In voluntarily entering the program the Customer will allow the Cooperative to control the Customer's electric water heater during times of peak system demand. The water heaters will be controlled from the Cooperative or by the Customer's phone line, as long as the control procedure does not interfere with the customer's phone service or create any additional expense for the Customer, to a remote switch installed at the Customer's home.


B. Requirement of Participation

Participation in the load management program is totally voluntary. The Customer, however, must meet certain conditions. First, the Customer must have an electric water heater with a minimum capacity of 30 gallons. There cannot be a timer connected to the water heater. The Customer signing the switch installation consent form must have the legal right to grant the consent. The Cooperative reserves the right to refuse to install a switch at any location it deems unsuitable, such as a house with many occupants and a small water heater.


C. Installation and Removal of Load Management Switch

Installation of the load management switches will be solicited by the Cooperative and made at no expense to the Customer. Should the Customer experience any hot water problems due to the switch, the Cooperative will take any necessary steps to resolve the difficulty, up to and including removal of the switch.


D. Incentive for Switch Installation


1. To encourage acceptance of the load management program by Customers of the Cooperative, two incentives will be offered. The first will be an insulating jacket for the participating Customer's water heater. The jacket will be installed at the time of switch installation by the person installing the switch.

2. The second incentive will be a Cooperative policy of performing all electrical maintenance on the water heaters of participating Customers at no cost to the Customer. Such maintenance would include replacement of bad heating elements.

3. The Cooperative will make available to all Customers a quality hot water heater at the Cooperative's cost plus $10.00 for the following:

Installation in new home in the Cooperative service territory. Replacement of existing water heaters.

4. The Customer will be required to sign a contract guaranteeing a load management switch will be allowed on the new water heater for a period of two (2) years. It will be the responsibility of the Customer to secure a qualified plumber to install the water heater.



E. Terms

This program may be altered or discontinued by the Cooperative's board of directors at its discretion.