VICE Conference Application

Each spring, the Virginia Cooperative Council sponsors an Institute on Cooperative Education, a youth leadership conference for up to 64 Virginia high school students. Local high school and home school students from A&N Electric Cooperative’s service area are eligible to attend.

The objective of the conference is to educate youth about the unique cooperative form of business. The top performers during the conference have the opportunity to receive up to $2,000 in educational scholarships.

This year the cooperative will select the top two essays submitted to join students who qualified last year to attend the conference, but were unable to due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The VICE conference takes place in spring of 2021. The essay topic for the VICE Conference contest is “What are the Benefits of the Cooperative Model of Business to the Eastern Shore?” Essay entries must be typed and be a minimum of 150 words in length.

Due to COVID-19, students can apply by by filling out the information below and by copying and pasting your essay submission in field provided.

VICE Conference Qualifications

  • VICE attendees must be 16-19 years old as of July 1, 2022
  • Complete and submit the VICE Conference Application Form before Dec. 3
  • Completed essay submitted prior to the Dec. 3 deadline
  • Live within the cooperative’s service territory
Student Contact Information
Parent/Guardian Contact Information
Additional Information
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