Upcoming Director Election 2022

Upcoming Director Election 2022

A&N Electric Cooperative Directors are elected from the membership to represent you on the board. The cooperative’s bylaws govern the director election process and Annual Meeting. Director seats up for re-election this year are in District 1 and District 3.

District 1 (This district covers the northern areas of Accomack County from Parksley’s northern border to the Virginia-Maryland state line and includes Tangier and Smith islands.

District 3 (This district covers the area just north of Nassawadox, in the south, to just above Melfa in the north.)
Those interested in running for a board seat can be nominated through the following methods:


(1) The Nominating Committee, representing the areas to elect directors, is appointed. The Nominating Committee will select a slate of candidates to be placed on the ballot at the cooperative’s annual meeting. This year’s Nominating Committee is scheduled to meet on May 5, 2022. Should you have a recommendation, you can submit your request in writing to the Nominating Committee prior to April 29, 2022, by sending a letter to the address listed below.

Nominating Committee
A&N Electric Cooperative
P.O. Box 290 Tasley, VA 23417


(2) Member Petition Nominations. Members may nominate additional individuals to run for election for any Director position for which Members are scheduled to vote at any Member meeting (“Member Petition Nominations”). Members may make Member Petition Nominations by delivering to the Secretary at least seventy-five (75) days prior to the Member meeting a writing for each Member Petition Nomination (“Member Petition”).

After verifying that the Member Petition complies with this Bylaw, the Cooperative shall post the Member Petition Nomination in approximately the same location as the Nominating Committee Nominations. All nominations are due by April 29, 2022. No nominations shall be made from the floor at the Annual Member Meeting.

Please visit anec.com for the complete version of A&N Electric Cooperative’s Bylaws to review director qualifications. Those interested in running for a board seat should contact elections@anec.com  or call 757-787-9750.

Eligible candidates must:
• Reside in the District for which they are applying;
• Be an A&N Electric Cooperative member for at least four years;
• Be a member in good standing (no late co-op payments in the previous 12 months); and
• Have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts.

A director’s term is 3 years.

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