Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

High quality power is one of the essentials for living a normal life on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Trees and limbs that grow into power lines can cause outages or blinks in your electric service. 

A&N Electric Cooperative conducts a year-round vegetation management program to enhance electric service. The program includes the removal and trimming of trees that may endanger the quality of service and the safety of the public. 

Professional tree trimming companies are employed to perform tree work as specified by the Cooperative, professional organizations and government agencies. 

The need for tree trimming peaks during and after the active growing season each year. We must prioritize and schedule our tree trimming activities throughout the year. Please do not trim, prune or cut down trees that are near overhead power lines. Give us a call at (757)-787-9750 or toll-free at (800)-431-2632 for your tree trimming questions. We will evaluate your request and assist you as quickly as possible. 

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