Surge Protection

Surge Protection

A&N Electric Cooperative offers its members several devices to help guard against unwanted surges occurring in the home. 

The Cooperative strongly recommends that the home owner adopt the two-stage approach as described below. 

Stage One
Have the Cooperative install a meter treater surge protector in your meter socket. This device is intended to protect motors and appliances that operate without the use of sophisticated micro circuit controls. It will offer some protection to sophisticated electronic devices such as computers and television sets, but the Cooperative strongly recommends that devices such as these be protected by stage two surge protectors. 

Stage Two
Stage two surge protectors should be located at the device you want to protect, such as computers or TV's. These devices simply plug into the wall receptacle and the equipment to be protected (including telephone line or TV cable) plugs into the surge protector. The Cooperative recommends that you purchase a high quality stage two surge protector. 

While the Cooperative strongly recommends a two-stage approach, either stage may be used independently of the other. Should you decide to use a single-stage approach, please be sure to select the surge protector that is best suited to match your needs. 

A&N Electric Cooperative provides no warranty on household equipment protected by the stage one surge protectors it provides. 

Meter Treater Surge Protector Specifications (Stage One) 

  • UL 1449 Surge Protection Rating - 500 volts

  • Initial Clamping Level - 240 volts

  • Energy Dissipation - 2,000 joules

  • Peak Impulse Current - 57,000 amperes

  • LED Operation Indicator - Yes

  • Maintenance or replacement, as required - When either red light is out on the right side it needs to be serviced by an A&N Electric Cooperative service technician.

  • Cost - $2.50/month

  • Installation Fee - $20.00