Phone Scam Targeting Co-op Members

Phone Scam Targeting Co-op Members

Some members of A&N Electric Cooperative have reported attempted phone scams targeting our service area.

In this instance, the cooperative’s phone number has been spoofed by the scammer, so the cooperative’s name displays on the caller ID.

The member is then presented with a recorded message claiming they are the subject of a lawsuit and prompting them to press option 1.

Please be on the alert for this scam or any other scam that attempts to pressure a co-op member into making an immediate payment to avoid immediate service disconnection.

The cooperative is in the process of reaching out to members with past-due service balances in the attempt to establish payment arrangements after the residential disconnect moratorium ended last month. These calls can take the form of recorded or in-person messages.

If you have any doubt about a person representing the cooperative, please hang up the phone and call us immediately at 757-787-9750.

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