Phone Scam Alert

Phone Scam Alert


We have received a number of reports from co-op members that an attempted phone scam is targeting our service territory.

In the call, the scammer is demanding immediate payment from the co-op member so they can avoid an immediate disconnection. In this instance, the scammer claims to be an employee of Dominion Energy and that A&N is affiliated with them, which is not true.

The cooperative is asking members to hang up from these calls immediately and if you have a question or concern about your account to call one of our member services representatives directly at 757-787-9750, option #3.

While it does not apply to this particular scam attempt, some scammers are able to spoof, or copy, a legitimate phone number so it will show up on your caller ID. If you believe the call is an attempted scam, your best course of action in these cases is to hang up and call the cooperative directly.

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