Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone

Secure Payments/IVR System

Secure Payments/IVR System, our new automated payment system, is here! 

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) offers you a secure and convenient payment method by phone. 

With IVR you can: 

Pay your bill anytime Store payment information
Check your balance Sign up for automatic payments


Call 1-855-386-9921 now to access our IVR System 

What do I need to know about the ANEC IVR?

  1. Payments by phone must be made through our IVR. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  2. You can pay by credit card or check. If paying by check, you'll need to create a PIN during your first call by following the attendant's instructions.

  3. You can also check your balance or sign up for automatic payments.

How do I use Secure Payments/IVR? 

If you want to make a payment on your bill over the phone, you MUST call the above number. The system is automated and all of your personal information, such as card number and payment amount, will be entered by YOU. If paying by check, you will need to create a PIN number BEFORE you can make a payment. At any time, you may hang up and this will discontinue the phone call. There is no additional fee for this service. 

Before you call, you will need your ANEC account number (found on your electric bill). 

Why are you switching to an automated phone payment system?
The new automated system complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Compliance. These world-wide requirements are designed to help companies that process payments prevent credit card fraud through increased data controls. Moving to this system ensures our continued ability to accept debit and credit card payments. 

We will be happy to answer any questions about this new service. Please contact us for assistance at 757-787-9750 or 1-800-431-2632.