Operations/Engineering FAQ

Operations/Engineering FAQ

When there is an outage, why does the serviceman leave the location of the outage when the power is still out?  

This is because he is tracing out the problem which may be miles down the road. Crews may need to be sent to restore the affected outage and it may take a little longer to resolve. If there is any concern that your outage was missed, call our office 757.787.9750 as soon as possible to ensure that we still have you on the list.


Why does my outdoor light blink off and on when my A/C unit comes on?

The fixture may be going bad. Call our office 757.787.9750 to have your light serviced.


What does it mean when my lights blink off and back on quickly?

An operation took place on the system to self-restore power to the area. This is normal.


What does it mean when my lights dim and then come back bright?

This may be a possible service problem. Call our office 757.787.9750 to have a serviceman look into this at no charge.


If I need lines located on my property, who do I call? 

Miss Utility:  811 or 1.800.552.7001


Inspections/15 Day Waivers:

We require an inspection on all electrical work.

Customers and/or electricians can sign a 15 day waiver that gives them 15 days to have the electrical work inspected by the proper inspection agency. 

To schedule a temporary disconnect for your electrician to work safely, please contact us at 757.787.9750.


Where can I get meter boxes? 

A&N Electric Cooperative supplies 200 amp meter boxes free of charge at the following locations: OBS in Eastville, OBS in Onancock, and Wallops Island Supply in Wallops Island. If a 320 amp meter box is required, call the cooperative at 757.787.9750 for more information. 


What is the process for getting an outdoor light?

To get an outdoor light, you would need to contact a member services representative 757.787.9750. They will assess where you want the light and what your fees will be. Monthly fees vary based on the type of light installed.

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