Net Energy Metering Update

Net Energy Metering Update

Which law currently governs Net Energy Metering (NEM) as of today?

Va. Code § 56-594.


What is the net energy metering cap, and how much is left?

The cap is a legislatively-mandated mechanism designed to ensure a safe and reliable grid for all member-consumers, including those that choose to installed net-metered renewable generation at their premises. Cooperatives in Virginia have up to 1% of their Virginia adjusted peak-load forecast for 2018 which is open to NEM under the current law. As of today, A&N Electric Cooperative is at 28% of that cap. In 2019, A&N Electric Cooperative and its sister Cooperatives helped to pass a new law that will expand this cap following a rulemaking at the State Corporation Commission. We will update this website after that rulemaking proceeding is complete. A&N Electric Cooperative’s service territory remains open for NEM interconnections before and during the rulemaking.


Where can I find more information?

Please see A&N Electric Cooperative’s Schedule NEM-9 for additional terms and conditions governing net energy metering.

Or contact A&N Electric Cooperative's Patsy Goard at or call 757-787-9750 Ext. 322.