Join Us for the Annual Meeting Aug. 22nd

Join Us for the Annual Meeting Aug. 22nd

It’s annual meeting time and we’re looking forward to seeing our members. A&N Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting is a special time for co-op members to gather, share experiences, hear from co-op leadership and vote to elect your board members.

We will be celebrating 79 years of commitment to our members and want to show you how we’re working to enhance life on the Eastern Shore through our member-driven services.

We encourage you to attend and exercise some of the many rights you have as a member of an electric cooperative.

Come join us Aug. 22 at Nandua High School. Those members electing to vote in person should attend the annual business meeting and arrive prior to 7 p.m. A&N Electric Cooperative staff will be available beginning at 5:30 p.m. to welcome members and to start the process of voter registration. Voter registration ends promptly at 6:55 p.m.

Members electing to vote by mail-in proxy will be entered into a chance to win one of four $100 credits to count towards an upcoming electric bill. Members who would like to vote by mail-in proxy are encouraged to fill out the form accompanying their July electric bill and return it to A&N Electric Cooperative by no later than Aug. 19, 2019.

If a member elects to vote by mail-in proxy, but later decides to vote in person at the Annual Meeting, that member's mail-in proxy will be voided and their chance to win one of the four bill credits will be forfeited. That member will, however, be eligible for a chance to win one of a number of door prizes given away at the Annual Meeting.

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