IV. Requirements for Securing Electric Service

IV. Requirements for Securing Electric Service

A. Application

No person shall receive electric service until such person has executed the Cooperative's approved form "Application for Membership" and/or its approved form "Agreement for the Purchase of Electric Service," and has paid a membership fee and a connection fee in accordance with Schedule F- Fees. If service is desired at more than one location, then an additional connection fee shall be paid for each additional meter location. The Cooperative will require only one membership fee per Customer. Each Customer may have multiple service locations allowed by the original application for membership and associated membership fee. Each service location will be subject to all conditions set forth in the original membership application. Large Power Applicants, as defined in Section XV, must contract with the Cooperative before service will be made available.

Any person or entity owing a debt to the Cooperative shall not be allowed to join the Cooperative or receive service from the Cooperative until the debt has been paid in full or arrangements satisfactory to the Cooperative have been made for satisfaction of the outstanding debt. Applicants must contact the Cooperative before service will be made available. Under certain conditions the Cooperative may require the Applicant to sign a contract or a letter of agreement where the monthly minimum is higher than specified under the applicable rate schedule. Customers may reference applicable rate schedules or contact the Cooperative to determine if such an agreement is required. Whether or not a written agreement covering electric service is executed, the Applicant, by accepting electric service agrees to be bound by the applicable rates and the terms and conditions of service.

The Cooperative reserves the right to require the Applicant to establish that the Applicant is the owner or bona fide lessee of the premises and to require owners or bona fide lessees to execute the Application for Membership and/or the Agreement for the Purchase of Electric Service. When asked to provide such information, the Applicant shall provide the Cooperative with a copy of a signed lease or deed verifying such information. In the absence of a formal rental document, the Applicant must provide a letter from the actual owner of record verifying that the Applicant is a bona fide lessee. Whether or not the Cooperative initially exercises the right specified above, the Applicant, by accepting electricity, agrees to comply at any time with this right.



B. Deposits


1. The Cooperative may require the Applicant or Customer to deposit with it initially and from time to time, as a guarantee of payment for electric service used, such amount as, in the Cooperative's judgment, will secure it from loss. The amount of this deposit shall not be greater than the equivalent of the Customer's estimated liability for two months' electric service.

The Cooperative is not bound to supply electric service until these conditions are fulfilled and it may disconnect with ten (10) days written notice to the Customer if the guarantee or increased guarantee is not given when required.

2. Whenever the required deposit from any residential Customer exceeds the sum of $70.00 the Customer shall be permitted to pay the required deposit in three consecutive monthly installments in amounts determined by the Cooperative. If an installment agreement is made and the Customer does not make payments on the agreed dates, then without further notice the account shall be disconnected and all fees and rules pertaining to disconnection for non-payment shall apply.

3. The Cooperative will pay interest on deposits held longer than ninety (90) days at a rate which shall be determined by the State Corporation Commission annually.

4. Accrued interest paid shall be annually credited to the Customer's account or, upon the Customer's request, directly paid to the Customer.

5. No deposit shall be held beyond a one-year period for a residential Customer or a two-year period for all other Customers during which the Customer has established satisfactory credit. Satisfactory credit is defined as having no more than one late notice in the past twelve months. The one-year period on installment deposits shall begin when the last installment is paid. Upon refund, the deposit will be credited to the Customer's account.

6. All remaining deposits plus earned interest will be returned to the Customer at the termination of electric service, after all indebtedness to the Cooperative has been paid. The Cooperative shall have a reasonable time to disconnect service and to ascertain that all obligations of the Customer have been fully performed before being required to return any deposit. Advance payments for temporary service shall be in accordance with the provisions for temporary service connection.

7. Additional deposits may be required resulting from Customer damage to Cooperative equipment as outlined in Section IX.C (Meter Tampering, Current Diversion or Unauthorized Reconnection).



C. Fees

The Applicant shall pay all other required fee(s), deposit(s), and charge(s) as per Schedule F - Fees, attached hereto as Appendix A.


D. Rate Schedule Selection

The Cooperative's Terms and Conditions and Rate Schedules for Electric Service on file with the Commission are available upon request at the Cooperative offices.

When a Customer's load meets the conditions of two or more schedules, the Customer shall be responsible for the choice of the schedule. The Cooperative will assist in the selection at the Customer's request. However, except as provided by law, the responsibility of selection shall rest with the Customer.

The Cooperative cannot guarantee that the Customer will be served under the most favorable applicable schedule. Upon written request the Cooperative will analyze the Customers usage to determine if the Customer is on the most favorable applicable rate. Unless the Cooperative has determined the most favorable applicable rate following a written request from the Customer, no refund will be made by the Cooperative to the Customer of the difference in the charge made under the schedule applied and that which would have been made if a more favorable applicable schedule had been chosen and applied.



E. Right-of-Way


1. The Cooperative shall determine the route of the line based on the least cost method and utility accepted routing practice. The Applicant shall, at no cost to the Cooperative, grant and/or furnish all valid right­ of-way easements satisfactory to the Cooperative and all other permits necessary to provide electric service to the Customer conveyed on Cooperative approved forms. The Applicant shall give the Cooperative or its agents access to its equipment and facilities, and the right to construct, operate and maintain its facilities. The Cooperative shall not be required to supply electric service until a reasonable time has elapsed after the Cooperative has obtained all necessary applications, right-of-way easements and/or permits.

2. For property not in control of the Applicant, it shall be the Applicant's responsibility to secure and/or otherwise provide, at no cost to the Cooperative, a right-of-way acceptable to the Cooperative. Where desirable or necessary, the Cooperative may assist in the right-of-way acquisition process at the Applicant's expense.

3. Developers shall grant the Cooperative the authority, including a free and continuous right-of-way, necessary to construct, maintain and operate an electrical distribution system in the streets of or upon the property of the development.

4. The Cooperative shall have the right to keep easements clear of trees, shrubbery, undergrowth and other obstructions.



F. Connection provisions

The Applicant shall make proper provisions for the connection of electric service.

1. Service Entrance and Meter Location

The Cooperative must be consulted regarding the location of service entrances and meter locations. In general, the service entrance outlet shall be located on the face of the building (to be served) most accessible to an existing pole. Where service poles are required or the pole line is not in place, the Cooperative will furnish the required information on request. Overhead service entrance/delivery point must adhere to standards set forth in the National Electrical Code. When the Customer's property is not of sufficient height to provide code clearance, a suitable support for attaching the service wire must be provided by the Customer. In no case will the Cooperative install a service which creates a hazard.

At locations where the type of building construction does not provide substantial anchorage for service wires, the Customer must provide a substantial support of such a nature as meets the reasonable requirements of the Cooperative.

All service entrance conductor must be installed in continuous metal conduit, or must consist of continuous lengths of approved service entrance cable, in accordance with the State Building Code of Virginia, and extend beyond the service head at least 1½ feet for the purpose of attachment to the service wires of the Cooperative.

2. Seasonal Service

Seasonal service is service required for periods of less than one (1) year to permanent structures or at the same location annually, usually at the same season of the year. A reconnection fee in accordance with Schedule F - Fees will be charged, except in the case where a structure has been destroyed by fire and service is later requested at the same site by the Customer who suffered the fire damage. Such service will be rendered under the applicable rate schedule.

3. Temporary Service

Temporary service is service, ordinarily not recurrent in nature, required for temporary structures or locations. Temporary service will be rendered only when and where the Cooperative has the necessary facilities available to render the service applied for, without detriment to the service of other Customers.

Customers requesting temporary extensions will be required to pay the estimated cost of the installation and removal (less salvage credit) of the desired temporary service. An advance payment will be required in the full amount of the estimated bill for services, including the cost of connection and disconnection.

All prospective Customers and electricians are urged to read and follow instructions on Appendix C and Appendix D of these terms and conditions so that temporary service poles will be properly located, of sufficient size and height and wired to meet the Statewide Building Code requirements in Virginia.

4. Service Contracts

Standard contracts shall be for terms as specified in the Cooperative's rate schedules. When a large or special investment is necessary for the supply of service, a non-standard contract for terms other than those specified in the Cooperative's rate schedules might be required. Service that is of a temporary or unusual nature may also require a non-standard contract. Non-standard contracts may require special guarantees of revenue.

5. Transfers

All accounts will remain in the name under which the meter is installed until the Cooperative has been notified of the Customer's desire for disconnection or transfer of service. The Cooperative may require this notification in writing.

When a Member or Customer ceases to receive service at all service locations for an indefinite period, the Customer's membership fee will be refunded after all indebtedness to the Cooperative is paid. The Cooperative shall have a reasonable time to disconnect service and to ascertain that all obligations of the Member or Customer have been fully performed before being required to return the membership fee.


G. Customer Wiring

The wiring must conform to the National Electrical Code and the specifications of the Cooperative. Before connection of service, if covered by the local building code, the Customer's installation must be approved by the Inspection Authority. In no event shall the Cooperative be under any obligation to inspect wiring or appliances of the Applicant, but where the Cooperative has reason to believe wiring or appliances of the Applicant do not comply with recognized requirements, the Cooperative may refuse to supply electric service to the Applicant. The Customer shall be responsible for notifying the Cooperative of any plans for adding appliances, equipment and/or motors, which might overload or impair the electrical service or the facilities of the Cooperative. It is recommended that in the installation of a wiring system, the Applicant give consideration to all foreseeable future uses and install service entrance conductors and equipment of such capacity as to carry the maximum anticipated future loads.
Luminous tube lamps and signs and other equipment having inherently low power factor shall be provided with power factor corrective devices so that the power factor of such equipment will be at least 90%.



H. Electric Service Limitations


1. To eliminate the possibility of error or loss the Applicant or Customer, before purchasing motors or other equipment, or undertaking to install wiring, should secure from the Cooperative all necessary data relating to the characteristics of the electric service that will be supplied.


2. The Cooperative reserves the right to set limitations on current inrush characteristics, demand, power factor, or any other characteristics of motors, wiring, or any other equipment in order to protect the quality, reliability, and/or safety of its system, and/or the service to other Customers.


3. Motor Installations

The Cooperative must always be consulted regarding service for motor operation in excess of 5 horsepower.

Motors of less than 1 horsepower may be served at 120 and 240 volts, single phase.

Service for motors larger than 1 horsepower, up to and including 15 horsepower, will be furnished at 240 volts, single phase, unless arranged as a part of a three phase installation.

Motors in excess of 15 horsepower shall be three phase and approval of the Cooperative must be obtained before installation is made and installations must meet the approval of the Cooperative.


4. Reverse Phase Relay

The Customer shall install at the Customer's expense a reverse phase relay of approved type on all motors and/or other equipment where a definite direction of rotation must be maintained.


5. Phase Protection

The Customer shall install at the Customer's expense suitable voltage or current type of device that will protect the Customer's equipment from damage in the event of phase outages.


6. Fluctuating Loads

In the case of installations where the use of current is intermittent or subject to violent fluctuation, such as where the use of welders or saw mills is included, and the Customer requires capacity in excess of a 25 KVA transformer, the minimum monthly charge shall not be less than

$1.00 per KVA of actual transformer capacity required.

The term "actual transformer capacity required" used in connection with determining the minimum bill in situations stated above shall mean the capacity that is required to carry the Customer's load rather than the capacity installed. The Cooperative may find it convenient or advisable to install larger transformers than actually required, in which case the Customer shall only be charged with the capacity necessary to supply the Customer's need.



I. Location and Maintenance of Cooperative’s Equipment

The Cooperative shall have the right to erect its facilities on property of the Applicant that, in the Cooperative's judgment, are necessary in supplying electric service to the Applicant. The Applicant shall provide suitable space for the installation of the necessary metering apparatus.