Helicopter Tree Trimming Service Begins This Week

Helicopter Tree Trimming Service Begins This Week

Rotor Blade, LLC, a tree trimming service that utilizes a helicopter and large 10-blade saw, will be trimming sections of transmission right of way in A&N Electric Cooperative’s service area beginning today.

Rotor Blade has been assisting power companies and line contractors for several years by utilizing its highly skilled pilots and fleet of MD 500 helicopters.

The company will start trimming at the Cooperative’s Bayview substation and work its way north along the rest of the transmission right of way.

Rotor Blade uses a powerful 10-bladed saw, suspended below a helicopter, to trim limbs along electric rights of way. The approach is a cost-effective option for side-trimming difficult rights of way.

This method is also useful in environmentally sensitive areas because it does not leave a footprint, since heavy equipment will not be on the ground to disturb the soil in the right of way.

The trimming will be conducted in the next two weeks, weather permitting.

As with any trimming operation, the cooperative asks people to stay out of the work zone. Asplundh will deploy spotters for the helicopter crew in the work zones.

For more information log onto www.rotor-blade.com

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