A&N Electric Cooperative’s goal is to provide safe, reliable service to our members and to the community we serve. While the cooperative is committed to maintaining a high level of service reliability, outages are inevitable.

A generator can be a wonderful tool during an outage, but it can also be extremely dangerous. If used incorrectly, a generator can cause serious harm, property damage or even death.

To aid members in safely connecting a portable generator to their home’s electrical system, the cooperative will begin a GenerLink™ emergency transfer switch pilot program for co-op members.

The GenerLink™ is installed behind the electric meter and does not require rewiring of a member’s electrical system. It includes an interlocking power cord for connection of a portable generator. The device detects when the generator is operating and automatically disconnects from A&N’s distribution system, eliminating a dangerous backfeed.

And it can be used with compatible generators listed at

The pilot program is open to a limited number of co-op members.

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