Connection Fee

Membership Fee - Initial Service (Refundable) $5.00
Connection or Transfer Fee (Non-Refundable) $20.00
Seasonal Connection Fee $40,00


Reconnection Fee to Existing Members

During regular working hours - per trip, per account $40.00
After regular working hours at member's request - per trip, per account $60.00
Collection Fee - applicable if field visit for collection is made $20.00
Return Payment Processing Fee (Payment not honored by financial institution) $15.00


Reconnect Fee

When electric service is disconnected for nonpayment a $40 reconnect fee is added to the total balance due. If service is reconnected after normal business hours the reconnect fee is $60. An additional deposit may also be required.  

Returned Check

A $15 returned payment charge is added if a financial institution does not honor a check payment. Payment for the charge and amount of the returned payment must be made via cash, money order, or Visa/MasterCard. 

Collection Charge

If an employee makes a trip to a member's house to collect a delinquent bill, a $20.00 collection charge is added to the amount of the past due bill. Should Cooperative personnel have to visit an account for collection twice within a 12 month period, an electronic connect/disconnect meter may be installed. This meter will allow the Cooperative to remotely connect and disconnect and obtain meter readings. This meter shall remain in place for at least twelve months and will not be removed until the consumer requests removal.