An evacuation order is issued by the local government advising everyone in a particular area to evacuate. There are several levels of evacuation:

Partial Evacuation

  • All islands (not just barrier islands)
  • Waterfront properties including creeks and canals
  • All low-lying areas adjacent to marshes and wetlands
  • Flood prone areas including rainfall prone areas
  • Mobile and manufactured type homes or substandard housing
  • Zones as identified (A, B, C or D)

Full Evacuation

  • Entire County

Voluntary Evacuation

  • Local government officials strongly recommend that citizens located in specified evacuation zones relocate to a safer location

Mandatory Evacuation

  • Local government officials order citizens in specified evacuation zones to relocate to a safer location. This evacuation order would apply tot he general public. Essential personnel, i.e. public safety officials, disaster response personnel, etc. are exceptions but would eventually seek adequate shelter before the onset of the storm.

Source: Eastern Shore Disaster Preparedness Coalition