A&N Electric Cooperative officially opens new facility on Tangier

A&N Electric Cooperative officially opens new facility on Tangier

Denny Crockett gives a tour of the new facility to students from nearby Tangier Combined School.

The residents of Tangier can look forward to more reliable electric service thanks to a newly upgraded island facility.

A&N Electric Cooperative held an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open its new Tangier Island facility on Wednesday, June 7.

“We’re here to showcase our commitment to the community of the Eastern Shore,” A&N Electric Cooperative President and CEO Butch Williamson told a large group of Tangier residents gathered for the event.

The new Tangier facility includes a new office building, an upgraded substation and a renovated generator building which contains two 1,200 kW generators that can operate simultaneously for a peak output of 2,400 kW. 

“This is as good as any facility on the mainland,” said A&N Board Chairman Addison Nottingham. “I’m really impressed with it. It’s going to make things better for the people of Tangier. When the weather is bad, you’ll have this to count on. This will do a good job for you.”

Upgrades to the new facility will allow A&N Electric Cooperative employees to better control service on the island and on nearby Smith Island, Md. Some new features also will allow A&N’s Tasley headquarters to control some of the facility’s operations from the mainland.

“The Eastern Shore is fortunate to have A&N as our electricity provider,” said Accomack Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Crockett. “The watermen here realize how important it is to keep the electricity going. They have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of crabs shedding and they need power to keep those pumps going. Without a service like A&N to keep the electricity going it would cost them their livelihood for that season.”

A&N Electric Cooperative employees conducted guided tours of the new facility for island residents and the students at nearby Tangier Combined School.

A&N Electric Cooperative Director Edward Parks cuts the ribbon to officially open the new Tangier Island Facility. (A&N Electric Cooperative photo)

A&N Electric Cooperative's Denny Crockett, left, explains some of the upgrades at the new Tangier Island Facility to Director Garrison Drummond during the open house. (A&N Electric Cooperative photo)

A&N Electric Cooperative Board Chairman Addison Nottingham addresses a crowd of Tangier Island residents during an open house for the island's new facility. (A&N Electric Cooperative photo)

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