Cooperative Sunshare

ANEC now offering Community Solar Program

A&N Electric Cooperative is now offering its members the opportunity to subscribe to more solar energy to cover their energy needs through the Cooperative Sunshare program.

In late July, the State Corporation Commission approved a pilot program that will enable the cooperative to provide additional solar energy to interested members.

Currently, a portion of all power supplied to cooperative members comes from solar. The Cooperative Sunshare program will allow residential members who want a larger percentage of solar power to receive a dedicated, predetermined amount of solar power each month.  By doing so, participants can support the development of solar energy in Virginia, while locking in the price paid for the dedicated solar portion of their generation service during the three-year pilot period.

“The cooperative is very excited to begin offering the option of providing more solar energy to our members,” said ANEC Project Manager Leo Radkowski. “Cooperative Sunshare will make solar generation available for members who are limited in their ability to install solar generation on their own property or who don’t want the upfront costs and maintenance of installing solar panels at their home.”

Cooperative Sunshare will allow the cooperative’s residential members to choose solar power to cover all or a portion of their electric usage each month.  The additional cost to members of a 50 kWh “solar block” will be $5.42 per month, a modest increase over the current cost of wholesale power.  The program also offers members the opportunity to lock in the cost of their solar power supply for the future.

The solar energy is produced at two solar facilities in Virginia, the 20 megawatt Cherrydale solar facility in Northampton County, and the 10 megawatt Clarke County solar facility in White Post, VA. The electricity is provided to co-op members through a power purchase agreement with Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, of which A&N Electric Cooperative is a member.








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