Cooperative’s Outage Restoration Efforts Complete

Cooperative’s Outage Restoration Efforts Complete

A&N Electric Cooperative (ANEC) is pleased to report that our outage restoration effort is complete as of noon today.

Crews worked through day and night to restore power for cooperative members in severe wind associated with a Nor’easter that passed through the area beginning early Friday morning. The Cooperative prepared days in advance to respond to the possible damage and outages associated with the storm.

“I can’t express enough of how proud I am of the men and women of ANEC! Our people did an outstanding job responding to what this major storm threw at us,” said Butch Williamson, President and CEO of ANEC. “They worked around the clock to ensure our members power was restored as quickly and safely as possible.”

Cooperative crews and contract crews from Rock Creek and Asplundh started early Friday morning responding to outage reports. Sustained winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour with gusts exceeding 60 miles per hour toppled trees into distribution lines in Accomack and Northampton Counties.

In total, crews were able to restore power to about 8,000 members through the duration of the storm.

“The hard work our crews put into our restoration effort is a testament to their commitment to our cooperative members,” said Williamson. “We are so appreciative of the sacrifices they make to keep the lights on for our members.”

According to the National Weather Service the winds are expected to subside slowly through the weekend, but there is still the possibility that wind could continue to minimally affect power distribution.

Please continue to monitor any short power interruptions, referred to as “blinks,” which can be common during storms with heavy winds. A small number of blinks can be the distribution system attempting to fix an issue to avoid a total power outage. However, frequent or a prolonged series of blinks could indicate an issue that the Cooperative needs to address. If you experience this issue please notify us by SmartHub app or by phone and explain the problem.

Please continue to report any outages or any potential hazards to the electric distribution system to the cooperative by using SmartHub or by calling 1-800-431-2632 or 757-787-9750.

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