Capital Credit Notices in August

Capital Credit Notices in August

As a not-for-profit utility company, A&N Electric Cooperative works hard to provide affordable and reliable service. Each year, revenues that exceed expenses (margins) are returned to members in the form of capital credits.

Each year, the A&N Electric Cooperative Board of Directors reviews the financial condition of the cooperative to determine if a retirement of capital credits can be made. Capital credits are retired using a percentage method that distributes a portion of the approved retirement amount to all co-op members.


How Do I Receive My Capital Credits?

Refunds are shown as a credit on active members’ bills. Refund checks are mailed to inactive accounts.


When Do I Receive My Capital Credits?

Capital credit refunds are applied to co-op member bills in August.


How Much Will I Receive?

The amount will vary from member to member based on how much electricity you used in the particular years.

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