AMI Pilot Area Meter Exchanges Start Feb. 4th

AMI Pilot Area Meter Exchanges Start Feb. 4th

A&N Electric Cooperative will upgrade its metering system to improve the reliability and efficiency of the existing electric distribution system. 

Allegiant Utility Services will be performing meter exchanges in the pilot area beginning Monday, Feb. 4, 2019. Phillip Davis, a meter installer with Allegiant, will be conducting the exchanges starting in Melfa at the intersection of Airport and Beacon Roads. Melissa Davis will be assisting with the exchanges by knocking on doors and speaking with co-op members.

The pilot phase of about 1,300 new meters will be installed in the Onancock, Onley and Melfa areas. A&N Electric Cooperative expects to complete the installation of all of our member’s 35,000 plus meters by 2020.  

Members in the pilot area were notified of the upcoming meter exchange via automated phone call beginning Monday, Jan. 28.

The impact of the installation is minimal.  Co-op members can expect to lose power for a few minutes. In addition, your next bill will show two meter readings:  one from the previous meter and one from the new meter. 

You do not need to be present for the exchange. In the event a meter cannot be exchanged, a door hanger will be left at your location with an 800 number to scheduled another time for a meter exchange.

“The upgraded metering system will allow members to see more detailed information about their energy use,” said ANEC Director of Member Services Lori Shreaves. “Instead of the daily use we see with our existing system, members will be able to look at their hourly energy use and pinpoint what appliances and electronics are contributing to that use.”

The upgraded meters will enable the cooperative to perform several functions remotely, such as reading meters and reconnecting power and will support additional value-added services for our members.

“Once fully installed, the new system will allow the cooperative to expand its billing options and institute a pre-paid method, which has been proven to help some members manage their energy use more effectively,” Shreaves said.

The new meters will not affect co-op members’ kilowatt hour rate. 

The upgraded system will lower the cost related to manual meter reading, which will contribute significantly to the financial return on the project. The new system will also reduce the cooperative’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of employee travel responses to meter issues.

Other benefits from the meters include:

  • Automated detection of outages
  • More accurate information about outages and restoration times
  • More information about your power use
  • Better detection of power theft
  • Will support and expand billing options

A&N Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit utility.  We are looking out for our members by investing in new technology to improve efficiency and reliability.

Phillip Davis

Meter Installer

Allegiant Utility Services

Melissa Davis

Meter Install Assistant

Allegiant Utility Services


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