Account FAQ

Account FAQ

How can I add another person to my account so he or she can be given information?

Please call the Billing Department at 757-787-9750 option 2 to complete your request. 


How can I set up my account(s) on Auto Pay?

You can set up Auto Pay in one of two ways- on our website or by calling our automated payment line at 1-855-386-9921.

On the web page, register your accounts, then log into SmartHub.

Choose “Billing and Payments” then “Auto Pay Program”.

Choose “Sign up for Auto Pay” and enter the required information.

Later, you can change your information by going into “Auto Pay Program”.

Remember to update information any time you get a new card number or a new expiration date.

Or, on the automated phone line, follow the prompts to make a payment, using the checking account or card number you want set up for the Auto Pay. If your balance is zero at the time, the minimum amount to pay is $5.00. After entering the payment, you will be asked if you want to save this information. Answer yes. Then, you will be asked if you want to set up automatic withdrawal of the payment. Answer yes again.

Later, if you need to change your information, make a payment using the new information. Be sure to save it for auto pay. The new information will override the old.


Can I select the date for Auto Pay?

You cannot choose the date of your payment, as the date we draft payment is determined by other processes we run monthly. We can confirm the approximate date for your payment if you contact us.


Why do I have a Cash Only account?

​If your account is classified as "Cash Only”, we have had 2 payments returned by your financial institution in the last 12 months. In addition to cash, you may also pay by money order or credit or debit card. Once a year has passed from when we received the first returned payment, we will be able to accept checks as a payment once again.


Why can't I change my billing dates?

There are three billing cycles during the month. Based on your service location, your bill will be issued and the due date will be printed automatically on your bill. Unfortunately we are not able to change the billing cycle. However, your due date may change if you move and your service location falls within a different billing cycle.  


Why am I billed a month behind for my usage?

Each month prior to your billing date, we get a meter reading, either by remote signal or by sending someone out to the location. When it is time to process your bill, we charge you for whatever electricity was used between the previous reading date and the current one. Since we cannot know in advance how much electricity will be used each month, we are not able to bill you for the usage until after it has already been used.


My service was recently disconnected when I moved. How long does it take to receive my deposit refund in the mail?

Please expect to receive your deposit refund check between 4-6 weeks from the date your service was disconnected.                                                

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