Rates & Miscellaneous Charges

Rates & Miscellaneous Charges

These rate schedules have been approved by the State Corporation Commission of Virginia.

The wholesale power supplier we purchase power from adds fuel charges and power costs which we must add to the ANEC base rate. These extra charges are added on each kilowatt-hour for every member. They are collected from the members and passed on to the power supplier. None of the extra charges stay at ANEC.

Rate Schedules

Farm and Home Service - Schedule A (PDF Document 30 KB)

Commercial and Industrial Service - Schedule B (PDF Document 49 KB)

Excess Facilities - Schedule EF (PDF Document 58 KB)

Irrigation Service - Schedule I (PDF Document 44 KB)

Large Power - Schedule LP-A (PDF Document 49 KB)

Large Power - High Load Factor - Schedule LP-B (PDF Document 67 KB)

Large Power - Low Load Factor - Schedule LP-C (PDF Document 73 KB)

Large Power - Transmission - Self-Generation Backup & Supplemental Service - Schedule LP-T-SG (PDF Document 39 KB)

Outdoor Recreational Lighting - Schedule ORL (PDF Document 31 KB)

Private Area Lighting - Schedule PL (PDF Document 46 KB)

Public Lighting Service - Schedule SL (PDF Document 88 KB)

Residential Time of Use Service - Schedule TOU-A (PDF Document 37 KB)

Commercial Time of Use Service - Schedule TOU-B

Net Energy Metering - Schedule NEM-8 ( PDF Document 66 KB)

Renewable Energy Certificates - Rider R (PDF Document 1.24 MB)

Self-Generated Load - Rider SG (PDF Document 22 KB)


Membership Fee - Initial Service Connection (Refundable) $5.00
Connection or Transfer Fee (Non-Refundable) $20.00
Seasonal Connection Fee $40.00
Reconnection Fee to Existing Consumer:
     During regular working hours, per trip, per account $40.00
     After regular working hours at customer's request, per trip, per account $60.00
Collection Fee - applicable if field visit for collection is made $20.00
Return Payment Processing Fee (payment not honored by financial institution) $15.00

Reconnect Fee

If electric service has been disconnected for nonpayment, there is a $40.00 reconnect fee added to the total amount due on the bill. If the service is reconnected after hours or on a weekend or holiday, a reconnect fee of $60.00 is added to the total bill. A deposit may be required in addition to these fees.

Returned Check

If a check is returned to ANEC unpaid by a bank, a $15.00 charge is made plus the amount of the check. This must be paid in cash or by money order.

Collection Charge

If an employee makes a trip to a member's house to collect a delinquent bill, a $20.00 collection charge is added to the amount of the past due bill. Should Cooperative personnel have to visit an account for collection twice within a twelve month period, an electronic connect/disconnect meter may be installed. This meter will allow the Cooperative to remotely connect and disconnect and obtain meter readings. This meter shall remain in place for at least twelve months and will not be removed until the consumer requests removal.

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